What we do

Visual identities, print and marketing materials, packaging,
websites, signage, wayfinding systems and retail fronts
– we’ve designed for it all and more.

We work closely with our clients to understand
their communication needs and provide strategic design
solutions that best serve their business.

Brand Design & Development

Your brand is a promise to your customer. It represents who you are,
who you want to be and what people perceive you to be. Answers to
these important questions are the foundation of a solid brand strategy
and if you need help defining that, we can help.

Then comes the fun part;
we create a strong visual identity and introduce your brand
to the universe.


Web Design & Development

Today’s digital age has brought the importance of being able to engage with clients and customers in the digital space to the forefront. Websites, digital ads and social media branding may not be our bread and butter but we’ve been doing a lot of it lately. We work closely with very talented developers that bring our strategic designs to life where the rubber hits the road on the information superhighway.



Logos & Print Design

Logos are your companies ‘mark’. Creating an identity that stands the test of time is a challenge, one that gets us fired up. And bringing that ‘mark’ to the masses may include a good, old-fashioned print piece (“digital” didn’t kill the “traditional” star completely). When times like these arise we revel in the opportunity to create a shiny, new print piece that people will notice.



Signage & Display

Our daily lives are surrounded and influenced by signage and display of all types. Be it finding your way to the airport or stumbling upon a café when you haven’t had your morning coffee; signage and display help draw attention to your brand. We work with the elements of your brand’s colour scheme, typography and imagery plus the environment your signage or display will live to design a strategic solution suited for your needs.


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